Anti-EGFR Agents: Current Status, Forecasts and Future Directions

9 września 2016

The epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) is one of the most important and attractive targets for specific anticancer therapies. It is a robust regulator of pathways involved in cancer pathogenesis and progression. Thus far, clinical trials have demonstrated the benefits of monoclonal antibodies and synthetic tyrosine kinase inhibitors in targeting this receptor, however, novel strategies are still being developed.

This article reviews the current state of efforts in targeting the EGFR in cancer therapy. Following a brief characterization of EGFR, we will present a complete list of anti-EGFR agents that are already approved, and available in clinical practice. Aside from the indications, we will present the sales forecasts and expiry dates of product patents for the selected agents. Finally, we discuss the novel anti-EGFR strategies that are currently in preclinical development.

Kwapiszewski, R., Pawlak, S.D. & Adamkiewicz, K. Targ Oncol (2016)