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Young people in ADAMED SmartUP programme change the world!

14 December 2015

The results of their research mean that a new type of therapy which is an alternative to antibiotics can be developed.

The project implemented by young researchers from the Tricity entails modifying Escherichia coli bacteria so that they produce the desired biomolecule to destroy pathogen cells. The research commenced with developing a biomolecule able to fight Staphylococcus aureus but under the project more are envisaged — adapted to other pathogens.

The new therapy will increase the chances for successful treatment of infection. Moreover, we will not be able to become immune against it — as is now the case with antibiotics which “stop working” after some time. Apart from the above, the new therapy will not lead to the problematic damage to the human natural microflora. The activity field of protein will be limited so that it will destroy only the staphylococcus cells without any damage to the patient.

We extend our sincere congratulations to the young scientists on their discovery and wish them further success, and we would like to encourage all those interested in following in their footsteps to take part in the second ADAMED SmartUP Programme.

More information is available at www.adamedsmartup.pl.

CSR/Corporate social responsibility
17 December 2015