"Together, we are building our corporate culture based on trust, values and standards of ethics."

Adamed Pharma Code of Ethics

The way we do business is just as important to us as market efficiency. We believe that only a business based on values and ethical standards can have long-term market success. Adamed’s success is not only based on results and business efficiency, but primarily comes from its reputation as an ethical and trustworthy company. Clearly our business must be conducted in a lawful manner. We are well aware, however, that this is not enough to create the company of our dreams. In addition to legislation, Adamed also values good habits, industry standards, universal values, social standards and ethical principles that promote the creation of a reliable and trustworthy company.

Social Responsibility – ethics is especially important in our industry, where the products we manufacture and place on the market have a significant impact on human health and lives. We acknowledge that responsibility, while at the same time being aware of the high social expectations when it comes to business ethics in the pharmaceutical industry.
Responsible Employer – we create a friendly environment where professional duties, ambitions and emotions don’t become conflicts that may reduce working comfort and impede the company’s business success. This way, we build an attractive organization for potential new colleagues, while at the same time developing and strengthening the existing Adamed team.
Responsible Business Partner – having ethics-related regulations in place and complying with them goes a long way toward building mutual trust in our relations with contracting parties.
Responsible Employees – ethics supports us in setting the standards of proper conduct wherever regulations fail to provide clear answers and helps to prevent abuse.

Relations with the healthcare community

Patients and their needs are always at the heart of everything we do. As part of our partnership with the healthcare community, we share our knowledge of technological advances, provide information about therapeutic options, we take action to improve patients’ health and accept feedback necessary to keep developing. We also support the professional development of healthcare professionals by sponsoring scientific and educational events.

Our relations with the healthcare community are based strictly on the principles enshrined in generally applicable legal regulations, as well as in the Code of Conduct developed by Medicines for Europe – a non-profit organization that brings together industry associations and companies from across Europe. The Code sets out the overall standards intended to promote trust, transparency, responsible action and mutual respect in relationships between pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare community, healthcare professionals and organizations, patients and patient advocacy groups.

Click here for the Polish version of the Medicines for Europe Code of Conduct: www.producencilekow.pl/etyka/

Click here for English version of the Medicines for Europe Code of Conduct: https://www.medicinesforeurope.com/medicines-for-europe/#section-7

Transparency Report


The Medicines for Europe Code of Conduct serves as the basis for the publication of our annual Transparency Report, where we publicly share data about the scope and nature of our cooperation with the medical community, including healthcare professionals (HCPs), healthcare organizations (HCOs) and patient advocacy groups (PAGs).

The Transparency Report is published each year by the 30 June.

Place of publication: Adamed Pharma website and Polish Association of Pharma Industry Employers (PZPPF) website

For full transparency principles and requirements, visit the PZPPF website



We believe that ethical and principled business operations form the foundation of the company’s long-term success. The people we work with want to enjoy an ethical and friendly environment. We are convinced that many irregularities can be effectively prevented internally by the organization. An accurate analysis of the available experience and an ability to draw valid conclusions also help to improve our business operations and processes.

We have created a whistleblowing system to ensure that the highest standards of conduct are followed, relying on principles which reflect our company values, especially mutual respect, operational excellence, openness and innovation. All reports are confidential and are meticulously investigated, while whistleblowers enjoy full protection.

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