We believe in innovation

Our main ambition is to find new, effective, safe therapies for patients all over the world and to foster knowledge-based innovation.

At Adamed, we understand innovation not only as a search for original medicines, but also as a process of improving our existing products in order to manufacture them more effectively, perfect their formulas or develop new dosage forms, such as chewable or buccal tablets. Currently, we have several dozen molecules in the pipeline. Value-added medicines make up a substantial share of these.

We set up R&D consortia with leading universities and research institutes.

It was Adamed that in 2001 formed the first team of scientists in Poland recruited for the express purpose of developing original pharmaceuticals. Our knowledge and experience, combined with access to cutting-edge tools, allow us to make important contributions towards the advancement of medicine and pharmacy.

Adamed R&D laboratories

Research and Development Centre

The state-of-the-art Research and Development Centre in Pieńków is the heart of our innovation efforts in Poland. The Centre is one of the most advanced research facilities of this type in Europe. The aim of the research projects carried out at the Centre is to use organic synthesis, new technologies and physical and chemical analysis to develop value-added medicines and original medicines. The Centre runs projects in the lab phase and the semi-industrial phase to enable the transfer of technologies to Adamed’s manufacturing facilities. Our experts at the research and development labs use the latest technological advancements and modern equipment to develop both basic and more original dosage forms.

Pilot Plant

One of our most important investments that came to fruition in 2017 was the Pilot R&D Production Unit (the so-called Pilot Plant) in Pabianice. The investment accelerated and streamlined research and development processes at Adamed.

Equipped with cutting-edge technologies, the R&D Pilot Plant can be used to manufacture valued-added products and develop innovative dosage forms to provide patients with high-quality medicinal products offering the desired efficacy and safety profile.

Two research platforms

Development of original medicines

Development of value-added medicines