Mission and values

We respond to the key challenges of modern medicine

We search for innovative therapies by working on novel medications and developing generic drugs with added value.

Openness and innovation

We actively seek new and unconventional solutions to enhance the value and uniqueness of our organisation. We are ready to face challenges and look for innovative solutions. We strive to implement them in order to provide our company with a competitive advantage.

We continually strive to expand our knowledge and master new skills. We pay close attention to every detail of our work in the organisation and we carry out each element of the job with the necessary commitment and diligence. We always adhere to the adopted standards.

Mutual respect
We show empathy and understanding for alternative points of view. We understand other people’s emotions and respond to them in an appropriate and responsible manner. We listen to people and give them attention and appreciation. We give and receive feedback.

Operational excellence
We increase the value of our organisation through effective and timely execution of our tasks. We take responsibility for our decisions and actions. We constantly improve processes in our organisation and expand our competence.

Flexibility and speed of action
We are able to quickly implement solutions, analyse the situation, make swift decisions and take full responsibility for them. We accept change and embrace the opportunities it offers. We have the capacity to shift priorities when needed.


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