Adamed in Poland

Partner of the Polish economy

We contribute to the growth of the Polish economy. By investing our revenues, we drive innovation in Poland – to date, we have invested 2.1 billion Polish zloty in R&D infrastructure and activities.

We pay our taxes (CIT, VAT, PIT) in Poland and we create jobs for highly qualified associates.

PIT in 2022
37,4 mln PLN

CIT in 2022
51,9 mln PLN*

Social insurance contributions
in 2022 - 90,8 mln PLN

R&D investment in 2022
36 mln Euro


*as of 07/13/2023


Manufacturing plants

Our two manufacturing plants – in Ksawerów and Pabianice – comprise Adamed’s Production and Logistics Centre. Advanced control systems, state-of-the-art technological solutions and highly qualified staff ensure the top quality of our products.

The centre is equipped with cutting-edge productions lines for tableting [MS1] and packaging. It also includes a closed zone for the production of steroids and cancer drugs, along with the necessary process facilities.

In the era of globalisation and fierce competition, Adamed’s modern Production and Logistics Centre delivers excellent product quality and customer service. 

Adamed has always prioritised operational excellence, continuous quality improvement, efficiency and striving for the highest work standards. 

The two manufacturing plants, located in the Production and Logistics Centre, manufacture over 1,000 semi-finished and finished products annually, which are then exported to markets across Europe, Asia, Australia and the Pacific region.

We ensure drug safety for Polish patients

As a company established and still run by doctors, Adamed has always put patients’ best interests first.

We manufacture top quality medicinal products which address chronic diseases of civilisation. Adamed is founded on a deep understanding of patients, their needs and expectations. It is on this foundation that we build the invaluable trust that our patients place in our company and our products.

We have one of the most advanced R&D Centres among Polish pharmaceutical companies