We support our associates in expanding their competencies and progressing in their career

The growth of our associates is a priority for Adamed. To support them, we have developed a variety of initiatives which help our associates improve their hard and soft skills so that they can continually improve their performance.

We offer our own development programmes First Time Manager, (Akademia Prawa) in partnership with leading universities and training companies, who use the expertise and training skills of Adamed’s talents.

We have structured career paths and a clear progression plan.

We provide co-funding for foreign language classes, as well as postgraduate study and MBA courses.

Each year, we set clear development goals for our associates and support them in achieving each of those goals.

In the development process, we also rely on the Adamed Competence Model. It helps us identify key areas, ensure consistency of development priorities with Adamed strategic priorities. As a result, developing as Employees and as a company - we invest our time, effort and resources in the most effective way.