Development and innovation

We bring science and business together

Adamed has been working with leading universities and scientific institutes in the homeland and abroad.


The key to Adamed’s market success is research and development, and the effective commercialization of innovative products in over 70 countries over the world
We follow two business models: out-licensing and building our own sales channels in international markets

Polish research ideas

Since 2001, when Adamed pioneered R&D work on innovative medicines in Poland, it has continued to be an undisputed R&D leader of the Polish pharmaceutical industry.

Every single day, almost 250 researchers work with Adamed to find answers to the key challenges facing medicine and civilization today, to develop innovative therapies that will help to address these challenges. Our partners include the University of Gdańsk, Jagiellonian University, the Medical University of Gdańsk, and the University of Warsaw.


We support business ideas

Adamed has been actively supporting Polish start-ups since 2015. In addition to financing, we are also involved in ventures that help start-ups take their first steps in creating new products and services, and grow their commercial activity. Adamed is committed to a number of acceleration projects for start-up technology businesses.


EU projects

Poland’s accession to the European Union opened up new opportunities for innovative undertakings, such as Adamed, to use EU structural funds to finance ambitious research projects. Adamed first took advantage of that support in 2006, when it obtained a grant for a project involving an innovative treatment for type 2 diabetes. Since then, Adamed has received almost PLN 200 million of EU financing for over 20 innovative projects, mostly in research and development. Importantly, that financing has brought real benefits for patients in the form of new therapies appearing on the market. Considering the volume of innovative projects undertaken by Adamed, a dedicated team was set up within the company whose task was to find  and apply for financing, both under EU structural funds and under domestic financing programmes.


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