Adamed across the globe

Global development

A consistently implemented development strategy based on two pillars – innovation and international expansion – has made the pharmaceutical and biotechnology company Adamed a renowned global brand.

We started our international expansion in 2003 – today our products are available to patients in 78 countries around the world.
We operate branches in Spain, Russia, the Czech Republic, Vietnam, Italy, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Slovakia and Ukraine. 
We own a manufacturing plant in Vietnam, where we are presently implementing changes to the manufacturing process and modernisation of machinery with a view to obtain EU GMP certification.
For many years we have recorded a steady increase in the volume and value of our product sales. International operations currently account for a third of our business, and our development plans anticipate a further increase to 45% by 2022.


Adamed’s global development

The international expansion of our company is based on two business models

International markets
Poland (since 1986)
Adamed in Poland
Ukraine (since 2017)
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Czech Republic (since 2016)
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Slovakia (since 2016)
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Italy (since 2019)
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Spain (since 2009)
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Russia (since 2012)
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Kazakhstan (since 2013)
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Uzbekistan (since 2020)
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Vietnam (since 2018)
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We started
in Poland
We now have 9 foreign
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Polish innovations
on a global scale
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Investments in Asia

Since 2017, Adamed has been the owner of one of the most rapidly growing Vietnamese pharmaceutical companies – Davipharm. The acquisition agreement was signed in Hanoi in the presence of the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, and the President of Vietnam, TrầnĐại Quang.

The acquisition of a controlling interest in the company constitutes the biggest Polish direct investment in Vietnam and has provided Adamed with a platform for further dynamic expansion in the Asia-Pacific region.


Ecupharma acquisition

In 2019, Adamed purchased a block of shares in the Italian company Ecupharma. We formed a strategic partnership with the company to support Adamed’s expansion in the Italian market of cardiac medications, and ultimately also in otherareas of therapy.

Ecupharma is a rapidly growing pharmaceutical company active in the fields of neuropsychiatry and urology. Its product portfolio addresses the needs of people with chronic ailments. The company consistently builds its market standing with the support of its loyal customers. Similarly to Adamed, the company also focuses on health conditions affecting the elderly, seeking to respond to contemporary demographic challenges.