We respond to the key challenges of modern medicine

Corporate social responsibility lies at the heart of our mission.

Responsibility is one of the most important values guiding our activities.

At Adamed, we adhere to a broad and comprehensive definition of responsibility.

As a pharmaceutical company, we take full responsibility for the quality of our products. We closely monitor social trends and demographic changes around the globe.

We support society in caring for health.

We ensure the safety of medicines and continuously search for innovative therapies.

We care about our surroundings - the natural environment and relations with local communities.

We support the development of young talents and promotephysical and life sciences.

Pillars of our CSR strategy

We integrate corporate social responsibility into our business operations.
We aim for stable and sustainable growth founded on respect for our environment.

Social programmes

We initiate programmes addressing vital issues related to disease prevention, healthcare, and the social functioning of people with a range of health issues and their families. We educate, inform, change attitudes, and help people every day.

Adamed Foundation

The Adamed Foundation was established to provide support for research and development, scientific and educational activities in the physical and life sciences.

Our social programmesthrough the eyes of other people

ESG Reports

ESG Reports

Adamed is developing responsibly, combining economic issues with care for associates, patients, local communities, and the natural environment. You can read more about these actions in our CSR Reports and since 2021 in our ESG Reports.

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