Management Board


President of the Management Board
at Adamed Pharma S.A.

He is a trained surgeon. Member of the International Urogynecological Association (IUGA) and of the Polish Menopause and Andropause Association. Speaker at many international medical conferences (including but not limited to the International Urogynecological Conference in Melbourne, Australia), as well as author of publications in national- and international medical journals, including the International Urogynecology Journal. He has been the President of Adamed’s Management Board since 2000 and attaches great importance to the development of research to discover innovative drugs. He has been awarded the Gold Cross of Merit from the President of the Republic of Poland and the Medal of the Centenary of Regained Independence, which is presented to individuals distinguished for their services contributing to the development of the Polish economy.

Małgorzata Adamkiewicz, MD, PhD
Vice-President of the Management Board at Adamed Pharma S.A.,
General Manager

Holder of a Ph.D. in medical sciences, she graduated from the Medical School of Warsaw (currently, the Medical University of Warsaw) and The Stockholm School of Economics Executive Educations. She specialises in internal diseases and endocrinology (first- and second-degree specialty). She started her career in the Endocrinology Clinic at the Medical Postgraduate Training Centre in Warsaw. She has been with Adamed from the very beginning of the company. As the Medical Director, she was responsible for establishing the R&D Department and for initiating research on new pharmaceuticals, among other things. She was also involved in the establishment of one of the first research and industrial consortia in Poland. She has managed Adamed continuously since 2006.

In 2010, she successfully acquired Pabianickie Zakłady Farmaceutyczne Polfa S.A. and Agropharm, which currently operate under the business name of Adamed Pharma S.A.

Małgorzata Adamkiewicz is a member of the International Society of Endocrinology. She presented her achievements in medicine during conferences in Poland and at international endocrinology meetings. She is the Vice-President of the Management Board of the Polish Business Roundtable; she is a member of the Business Centre Club, the Business Chapter at the Jagiellonian University, and of the University Council at the Medical University of Warsaw. She is a co-owner of Narvil which is one of the most innovative conference and training centres in Poland and is located in the vicinity of Warsaw.

Małgorzata Adamkiewicz is also the President of the Adamed Foundation which was established to provide support for the development of talented young people and promote the physical and life sciences. She was the originator of the ADAMED SmartUP programme. She has been awarded the Gold Cross of Merit from the President of the Republic of Poland and the Medal of the Centenary of Regained Independence, which is presented to individuals distinguished for their services contributing to the development of the Polish economy.



Member of the Management Board
Adamed Pharma S.A.,
Managing Director

Over the past 16 years, he was active in the investment banking sector where he provided advice on capital raising for companies, IPOs of Polish- and foreign companies on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, as well as mergers and acquisitions. He worked in the Brokerage House CDM Pekao S.A. After UniCredit Group acquired the German HVB Bank, he worked as the Managing Director in the Investment Banking Division at UniCredit CAIB Poland S.A.

He worked for shareholders and management boards of sector leading companies, including but not limited to: Netia, Globe Trade Centre, TVN, Cyfrowy Polsat, Dom Development, Mercor, Ferro, Tracktec, and Adamed. He advised on the privatisation processes of Bank Pekao, the Warsaw Stock Exchange, Tauron Polska Energia and PGE, to name a few.


Magdalena Tomaszewska

Member of the Management Board,
Adamed Pharma S.A.,
Director of Business Operations

Magdalena Tomaszewska is a graduate of pharmacy from the Medical Academy in Warsaw (currently Medical University of Warsaw) and MBA studies at the International School of Management in Warsaw (currently Kozminski University). She has a first-degree specialization in clinical analytics. Her career has been linked to the pharmaceutical industry for over 25 years. She has built up her professional experience in Poland and abroad. She has worked for global pharmaceutical companies both in the segments of innovative and generic drugs.

Throughout her career, she has completed a number of training programs focused on management, strategic planning and finance, both in Europe and the USA.

Between 2005 and 2010, she held the role of General Manager for Poland at Ratiopharm. In 2010-2017, she worked in the international structures of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, initially managing the company's operations on the Central and Eastern European markets, followed by the whole of Europe, Russia, CIS, Asia, and South America. After returning to Poland in 2017, she joined PGF SA as President of the Executive Board and CEO.

At Adamed Pharma, she has been serving as Director of Business Operations since 2020. She is co-responsible for the development and deployment of Adamed's global strategy, and for the company's successful adaptation to the changing environment. Among other fields of expertise, she is responsible for marketing, sales and distribution management both in Poland and on international markets.



Member of the Management Board
Adamed Pharma S.A.,
HR Director

He graduated from the prestigious Senior Executive Programme at London Business School. He studied HR during postgraduate studies at the Warsaw School of Economics. He also graduated from journalism at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, and holds a master’s degree in law from the University of Silesia. He brings more than 18 years of professional experience in HR management from both Polish and international organisations.

During his career, he was responsible for Poland, the CEE markets and the Baltics. He started his career in HR in the Paints and Varnishes Plant ŚNIEŻKA SA. In 2003, together with the Management Board of ŚNIEŻKA SA, he completed the company’s IPO on the stock exchange. Between 2005-2011, he was the HR Director responsible for change management and for the relationship with the social partner at Fresenius Kabi, the international pharmaceutical conglomerate. He then moved to L’OREAL Group where he worked as the HR Director until 2013.

He has been the director in charge of the Human Resources Management Sector at Adamed Pharma since early 2014. Over the last few years, he has been establishing Adamed’s growth strategy and participating in the development of global strategic- and operational plans within his area of responsibility. He has been successfully building an engaging workplace and creating a corporate culture based on the company’s values and founder’s mentality. He is responsible for creating and implementing transparent processes for all key activities in the organization.

A Member of the Management Board at Adamed Pharma S.A. since January 2017.


Bartłomiej Rodawski,
Ph.D. in Economics

Member of the Management Board
Adamed Pharma S.A.,
Chief Operational Officer

Graduate of the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business, where he was awarded his PhD in Economics in 2002. Holder of a scholarship in Project Planning and Analysis at the University of Bradford, granted by the UK Government. Author of multiple publications and presentations in the field of supply chain management. Professionally engaged in the pharmaceutical industry since 2003.

An extensive track record of analytical, training and deployment projects in cooperation with a number of entities in the pharmaceutical, logistics, automotive and service sectors. Employed at Adamed since 2009, with responsibility for the development and ongoing operations of broadly understood supply chain including production, quality, logistics, and technology.





Member of the Management Board
Adamed Pharma S.A.,
Chief Financial Officer

He graduated from Banking and Finance at the Warsaw School of Economics. He also holds a law degree from the University of Warsaw and the Undergraduate Diploma of the University of Cambridge in English - and EU law.

For 12 years, he was involved with leading investment banks, including: Rothschild, BNP Paribas and UniCredit CAIB, where he was responsible for M&A transactions in the healthcare-, pharmaceutical- and consumer goods sectors. As the CFO at Adamed, he is responsible for developing and implementing the financial- and international strategies, and for effective management of subordinate areas, including: Controlling, Liquidity Management, Accounting, Procurement and Investments, IT and tax issues relating to pharmaceutical operations.