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The most desired employers in Poland

10 April 2015

The distinction for the Adamed Group from Marek Goliszewski, President of Business Centre Club, and Artur Skiba, President of the Management Board of Antal International in Poland and Vice-president of the Association of Employment Agencies, was collected by Tomasz Krzak, HR Director at the Adamed Group.

The awards were granted in “The Most Desired Employers in the Opinion of Professionals and Managers” competition in the pharmaceutical industry, organised by Business Centre Club, Antal International and the British Industrial and Commercial Chamber. The achievements of competing enterprises were verified, among others, based on criteria such as the prestige of working in a given company, organisational culture, remuneration, innovativeness and observance of the company’s values. The Adamed Group was among the five finalists, claiming the 4th place.

“This award is an extremely important distinction for the Adamed Group since it confirms that our actions in the area of HR management are right. I am happy that every year we strengthen the positive image of our company as a desired employer,” said Tomasz Krzak, HR Director at the Adamed Group.

Several thousand respondents took part in the competition. From among approximately 4 thousand experts and managers interviewed by the recruitment company Antal International, as many as 45% listed the company’s prestige as the key factor determining the employer’s appeal (3% more than the year before). Further down the list were factors such as management and organisational culture (41%) and financial terms (34%).

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