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ADAMED SmartUP Academy visits new cities

17 April 2015

In the cities visited so far, the courses attracted a lot of interest and gained approval among teenagers. In both cases, the participants obtained not only theoretical but also practical knowledge within the scope of biochemistry. During the laboratory course, young people could feel like real scientists by performing cultures and observing them under the microscope, as well as by creating their own GMO.

“The course was very interesting. I especially enjoyed the way knowledge was passed on and the fascinating lecturers, thanks to whom I found the answers to my questions,” stressed one of the course participants.Three more meetings await us in Poznań, Łódź and the Tricity, this time related with medicine.

For details concerning enrolment, see: www.adamedsmartup.pl/academy

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23 April 2015
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10 April 2015