ADAMED SmartUP on TEDx Warsaw

19 March 2015

TEDx conferences are events which have been organised for many years. They have been created to stir up discussions and promote inspiring ideas. During these events the participants have an opportunity to share their experience and take part in inspirational speeches given by exceptional people. TEDx conferences are also broadcast online and watched worldwide.

Around 700 people attended the TEDx conference in Warsaw to listen to inspirational speeches made by extraordinary people. 15-minute speeches were given in 3 blocks: Think, Act and Share. The first block was represented by Kinga Panasiewicz, a young ambassador of the ADAMED SmartUP program, who talked about the reasons for which she became interested in exploring the mysteries of the human brain. In the Act part, other representatives of the ADAMED SmartUP gave their speeches – Michał Krupiński, a scientist and lecturer, and Monika Leończyk – the program’s ambassador. Michał demonstrated a short kitchen experiment and showed that physics does not need to be boring. He also encouraged the guests to perform physics experiments in the privacy of their own homes. Monika, in turn, talked about the results of her research into bumblebees threatened with extinction and encouraged the guests to build homes for these insects, which will help to increase their population. Especially for this occasion, the Adamed Group Foundation prepared ready-to-assemble homes for bumblebees. The participants of TEDxWarsaw event were also informed about the goals and assumptions of the ADAMED SmartUP program. The program representatives encouraged the guests to try their hand at science.

Prizes and awards
10 April 2015
CSR/Corporate social responsibility
10 March 2015