New Operaol dermocosmetics care line

4 May 2012

Oeparol products contain specially selected ingredients, including the unique oil from evening primrose seeds. Evening primrose oil contains valuable omega-6 acids, which are important in maintaining proper balance in women’s skin. Omega-6 acids prevent water loss in the epidermis. They improve microcirculation, which in turn revitalizes the skin. Additionally, they have a moisturizing and firming effect thanks to which the skin becomes fresh. 

Oeparol Hydrosens is a line of products for everyday skin care, which contain HialuRoseTM complex. It is a unique combination of hyaluronic acid and evening primrose oil, rich in omega-6. This complex forms a protective moisturizing layer on the skin, limiting dehydration of the epidermis. Well moisturized skin becomes less prone to irritations and regains its firmness and elasticity. 
Available Operal Hydrosens products:

  • Oeparol Hydrosense – intensive moisturizing cream  (50 ml)
  • Oeparol Hydrosense – moisturizing revitalizing cream  (50 ml)
  • Oeparol Hydrosense – Moisturizing eye and eyelid cream (15 ml)
  • Oeparol Hydrosense -  Moisturizing and lifting silk body lotion (200 ml)
  • Oeparol Hydrosense – Micellar cleansing lotion (200 ml)