Lutezans – care for better eyesight

2 May 2012

Lutezans are diet supplements developed especially for people with the highest risk of asthenopia. These products contain carotenoids, which are important in the daily diet – lutein and zeaxanthin, which through its carefully developed combination aid the proper functioning of the eyes. Lutein is a natural antioxidant, which neutralizes the action of free radicals in the structure of the eye and is beneficial for proper eyesight. Zeaxanthin protects the eyes from harmful UV rays.

Lutezans are available in three variations:

  • Lutezan is a product for people at an everyday risk of factors, which can worsen eyesight (i.e. operating vehicles, working in front of the computer, use of stimulants). Lutezan besides carotenoids contains polyphenol. It is a green tea extract, which protects the eyes from harmful effects of free radicals.
  • Lutezan Omega 3 is a diet supplement, which contains unsaturated fatty acids (UFA) from the Omega 3 group, which help the functioning of the macula lutea, which degrades with age. This problem mainly affects people over the age of 50. 
  • Lutezan Multivita is a product rich in beta-carotene, which contains vitamin A. It is contained in the retina and can prevent dryness of the retina and conjunctiva. Lutezan Multivita is developed especially for people who are at the risk of poor eyesight due to age or those whose daily diet lacks microelements and vitamins.