Adamed Group at European Economic Congress 2012

7 May 2012

The Congress includes three days of debates, meetings and associated events focusing on the most important issues for the future and economic and social development of Europe.
The European Economic Congress is a meeting point for the most prominent personalities from the world of politics, business, academia and economy, both from Poland and abroad. Over 900 speakers will participate in more than 100 discussion sessions. Representatives of the Adamed Group, Maciej Adamkiewicz and Krzysztof Kurowski, will take part in the “Pharmaceutical Industry and European drug policy” and “Innovative European Economy” debates.
- "The European Economic Congress is a very important event during which there is a possibility to take up discussions about our sector, with both representatives of the most important government institutions as well as the scientific community. I am glad that we can once again participate this year"– said Maciej Adamkiewicz, President of the Adamed Group,panelist in a session focusing on drug policy. 
Krzysztof Kurowski, Adamed Group R&D Director, will take part in the panel focusing on innovative economy. Chairman of Polfa Pabianice: - "if Polish pharmaceutical companies wish to be active on international markets and effectively compete with major corporations, then they must invest in innovation. However, this will not be possible without developing cooperation between the industry and the scientific community and first and foremost with government institutions which have significant influence on the economic situation in the country. The European Economic Congress gives us the opportunity to establish such cooperation" – says Krzysztof Kurowski.