Development and innovation

New Adamed Group research and development centre

21 April 2016


In the Adamed Group Research and Development Centre generic and innovative drugs are developed, using the latest achievements with respect to organic synthesis, as well as technologies and formulation of solid dosage forms. The centre will run projects in their laboratory stage, which is the basis for proceeding to broader-scale production by the Adamed Group plants.

The investment facilitates among other things the development of drugs based on the advanced technology of Hot Melt Extrusion (HME), ensuring better bioavailability of the active substance, as well as less side effects in comparison to traditional dosage forms. Also, extensive research is carried out in the laboratories to develop new molecules — potential drugs with uses in various therapeutic areas.

Thanks to the use of cutting-edge analytical techniques, compliance with applicable European requirements and highly specialised knowledge applied during the development of new products, marketing authorisation on global markets can be obtained.


The two-storey laboratory building is equipped with a modern building management system (BMS), access control and a number of installations ensuring the effective and safe operation of the laboratories. There is also an efficient ventilation and air conditioning system together with local air extraction installations for removing contamination from a given area, as well as hazardous gas sensors coupled with the emergency ventilation.

In view of the fact that inflammable substances are used in the laboratories, apart from standard smoke sensor systems, there are also additional heat resistant cabinets for storage of reagents and for the ongoing collection of new chemical mixes located within the facility.

Moreover, fire zones for chemical storage facilities and antistatic systems for the floorings and for the earthing of all devices are included in the Centre. Air contaminated with chemical substances is removed by special, anti-explosion ventilators.

The laboratory personnel have at their disposal also sprinklers for the entire body and eye-wash systems connected to dedicated water installations supplying water at a constant temperature.


Modern technical solutions ensure the working comfort in the laboratories of the Centre. The convenient and ergonomic system of distribution of compressed air, purified water and technical gases, the efficient air conditioning and the electric blinds facilitate work with photosensitive substances. Key electrical nodes also have special power maintenance systems in the event of a power failure.

The functional layout of the rooms and their designated purpose are also not without significance, since they ensure optimum workflow within the laboratory. Care has been also taken with respect to the aesthetics, as well as the durability of the laboratory furniture.

Some of the laboratories have been constructed according to the so-called pharmaceutical standard using aluminium walls. Thanks to this, they are adapted for overall cleaning by use of power washers. Additionally, high efficiency HEPA filters ensure clean air.

A separate floor of the building is partly designated for offices and conference rooms, where scientists may carry out conceptual work in comfortable conditions.


To ensure the highest standards, all research and development work is carried out by top-class specialists in the fields of pharmaceutics, chemistry and biotechnology, with many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, when developing new solutions for dosage forms, we cooperate with a number of scientific centres in Poland. Adamed was a pioneer among the consortia for science and industry. Currently, it cooperates with 17 scientific centres.

CSR/Corporate social responsibility
21 April 2016
21 April 2016