CSR/Corporate social responsibility

Competition: 30 Laboratories for 30 Years of Adamed

21 April 2016

The decision about who will get the equipment will be made in a competition for students and their teachers.

Thanks to Adamed Group, every single lower-secondary and secondary school in Poland has a chance to win a modern lab. This is not about students and their teachers having appropriate funds, but about their ideas and enthusiasm. On 21 April, the competition “30 Laboratories for 30 Years of Adamed” was launched.

Student classes or science clubs may enter the competition. Their task is to prepare a 2- or 3-minute video with an educational lesson and a script. Participants may choose one out of four topics:

  • Chemistry in the kitchen and in cuisine
  • What if? (about the role of micro-organisms in the world)
  • What is the Universe composed of?
  • How cell processes energy from food.

In the first stage of the competition, the submitted works will be judged by Internet users in on-line voting. The hundred projects with the highest number of votes will go through to the second stage, where five jury members will select the 30 best projects.

The jury will take into consideration criteria such as: ingenuity, originality, creativity, substantive correctness, quality and clarity of the video material, and the number of votes in the public vote, says Katarzyna Dubno, Public Affairs and Health Economics Director at Adamed Group and Member of the Adamed Group Foundation.

The 30 best works will win the award — equipment for a chemistry, biology or physics lab. Competition entries will be accepted until 12 June 2016 on the website www.adamed.com.pl and on the ADAMED SmartUP Facebook profile. The results will be announced after the summer holidays.