First telemedicine clinic of Medivio launched

9 September 2016

Contemporary medicine involves not only innovative medicines, but also quick communication with the patient and proper diagnosis using innovative tools and forms of communication. The Medivio telemedicine platform responds to the needs of doctors and patients. It was developed by Silvermedia, a leader in IT solutions for telemedicine in Poland, in collaboration with its strategic partner Adamed Group, a Polish pharmaceutical and biotechnological company.

Medivio, Poland’s first certified telemedicine clinic, enables remote communication between the doctor and the patient from anywhere in the world, and diagnosis for the patient just like during a regular visit. Medivio provides patients and doctors alike with quick and secure access to medical records and diagnostic test results. The tool enables patients to control regular drug administration and keep logs of test readings, and is integrated with external measuring devices such as blood pressure monitors or ECGs, thus streamlining the therapeutic process. The platform also offers patients a huge range of educational resources prepared by specialists. For Medivio doctors, this is also a chance to significantly optimise their working time, conduct remote consultations with their patients, and to participate in mobile and stationary medical education using Medivio Telemedicine Educational Centres.

The Medivio telemedicine platform is a certified class 2A medical device that meets stringent quality requirements defined in the Act of 20 May 2010 on medical devices (Polish Journal of Laws of 2015, item 876, consolidated text). The highest quality of the platform was confirmed by an ISO 13485 certificate and clinical studies.

 With Medivio, the first certified telemedicine clinic available from a smartphone or tablet, patients can easily take care of their health anytime anywhere. Doctors were provided with an opportunity to make their practices part of the mobile age, which is something long awaited by them and their patients, particularly the most professionally active ones and those living far away from specialised therapeutic or diagnostic centres.

Thanks to ongoing health monitoring and supervision of taking of medicine by chronically ill patients, flexible access to medical records and video consultations, Medivio ensures more effective treatment and thus contributes to reducing the number of traditional contacts with healthcare centres and the number of hospitalisations.

By eliminating queues in healthcare centres, Medivio serves as an effective tool for rationalising expenses and reducing costs in healthcare. Therefore, Medivio is both a response to contemporary challenges in medicine and a contribution to the country’s sustainable development strategy for the years to come.

The functionality of the Medivio telemedicine platform was presented for the first time on 8 September 2016 at the Economic Forum in Krynica, during a discussion on “Optimisation of the healthcare system in Poland”.

Prizes and awards
13 September 2016