European Economic Forum in Łódź

9 November 2012

Many debates on subjects related to biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medicine were planned over a period of these two days. Maciej Adamkiewicz, President of the Adamed Group, gave a keynote presentation about the "Go Global – Polish Pharma report".  The Polish pharmaceutical and medical industry has great potential, which is not used to its fullest, despite being the most innovative branch of the industry. In order for it to become competitive on the international markets, there is a need to develop a long-term strategy for the development of this sector. The scientific community, the business, as well as the administration need to jointly define objectives that will guarantee globalization and develop a competitive advantage of the Polish pharmaceutical and medical sector.

Representatives of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Lodz University of Technology, Clusters that focus on medicine and biotechnology, officials from regional administration and entrepreneurs were among invited guests and panelists.

During the second day of the Forum, representatives of the Adamed Group participated in a discussion on supporting research and innovations through EU funds and sector programs.Maciej Adamkiewicz, President of the Adamed Group:  We receive funding as part of various EU initiatives for our innovative projects. But, what needs to be kept in mind is that we would not be able to do this work if our scientists did not have the necessary level of know-how and professionalism.