„Poland treats hypertension”

14 November 2012

The program was presented on November 7th 2012, during the 2nd International Forum on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Know Health, together with the top international and Polish health promotion campaigns. Professor Krystyna Widecka presented in detail the program’s aims, initiatives and results achieved so far.

The objective of the Poland Treats Hypertension program is to raise awareness about the effects of failing to treat this illness. It aims to encourage patients to measure their blood pressure on their own.  As part of the program, doctors have the possibility to participate in a variety of workshops and educational conferences; whereas, patients receive a set of practical tools to measure their blood pressure.

The Poland Treats Hypertension program strives also to gain attention in the media. Articles about the campaign as well as the illness itself are published in national (Wprost) and and regional (Polska Dziennik Łódzki, Zachodni, and Głos Pomorza) publications. In total, tens of articles were published as part of the campaign, reaching a few million citizens of Poland.

Prizes and awards
16 November 2012
9 November 2012