Adamed Group attends 8th Rynek Zdrowia Forum

6 November 2012

The panel dedicated to pharmacotherapy of particular areas of medicine considered important aspects in capabilities for development of biological drugs in Poland. Speakers devoted a lot of attention to registration issues and paid particular attention to the safety of these products as well as the need to monitor their adverse effects. An important point on the agenda was the discussion about the issues related to targeted therapies in oncology.  Łukasz Kalinowski, Head of Innovation at the Adamed Group, presented information about the progress of the company in finding targeted therapy for solid tumors as part of the ONCO-3 CLA project. The project is aimed to develop a therapy based on the idea of a “magic bullet” created in the 19th century by Paul Erlich, a pioneer of chemotherapy. In involves developing biotechnological pro-drugs, which selectively identify and destroy cancer cells. We are conducting research in Adamed Group laboratories, in cooperation with leading research centers in the country and Polish scientists. We have made the first patent filings. The jury of the Prix Galien prize has recognized the work of Adamed’s researchers. The ONCO-3 CLA project received a nomination to this award in the category of Best Research Project. It is a great honor for us. 

The presentation of the project was very well received by the speakers and participants of the 8th Rynek Zdrowia Forum. Łukasz Kalinowski also added that the objective of the Adamed Group R&D team is to seek out innovative solutions, which in the future will be commercialized with other pharmaceutical companies. Rising drug registration costs caused by more stringent registration regulations make such collaboration mutually beneficial to both partners.

9 November 2012
5 November 2012