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Adamed recognised as one of the most inspiring companies in Europe by the London Stock Exchange

29 March 2019

The report covers developing and most dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe making a major impact on future economic growth, innovation, and creation of new jobs. 

On 25 September of this year, the European Parliament in Brussels hosted the premiere of this year’s ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Europe’ report of the London Stock Exchange. Adamed was recognised in scope of stable and consistent revenue growth over at least the past three years.

“I’m proud to see Adamed among the most dynamically developing enterprises in Europe. The story of Adamed began 32 years ago. Today, we have over 2000 employees and our products are available in 65 countries. Our company is created by physicians and we have been searching for answers to the key challenges of contemporary medicine since the very beginning,” Adamed Pharma S.A. CEO Maciej Adamkiewicz said during the panel dedicated to the development of small and medium-sized companies. The debate and diploma presentation ceremony was attended by London Stock Exchange CEO Nikhil Rathi, ELITE CEO Luca Peyrano, Member of the European Parliament Ramon Tremosa, and Jyrki Katainen, the European Commission Vice-President for Jobs, Growth, Investment, and Competitiveness.

The key role of the SME sector in the future of Europe

The list includes the fastest-growing enterprises registered in the European Union, which demonstrate positive financial results in their industries. The authors of the report stress the significance of growing companies operating in the private sector in scope of the future economic growth of Europe, innovation, and creation of new jobs.

“1000 Companies to Inspire Europe demonstrated the business potential of the fastest-growing enterprises in Europe. According to the report, dynamically developing companies are innovators, create new jobs, and serve as the driving force behind economic growth. They have the potential to transform the European economy and ensure that the next generations have the future they deserve,” says London Stock Exchange CEO Nikhil Rathi.

The third edition of the list released by the London Stock Exchange includes 30 companies from Poland. The report presents Adamed as one of three Polish companies collaborating with the world of science and holder of over 180 patents in most countries in the world. Adamed’s international activity – 8 international branches, products available in 65 countries, and expansion to Southeast Asia following the 2017 acquisition of the controlling shares in Davi Pharm, the fastest-growing pharmaceutical enterprise in Vietnam – was also covered. For more details concerning the methodology, please see the online version of the report available at

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29 March 2019
Prizes and awards
25 January 2019