Development and innovation

Adamed among the 10 most innovative Polish companies

29 March 2019

In an innovativeness ranking by Rzeczpospolita daily, Adamed was listed among the top 10 Polish companies.

Rzeczpospolita’s ranking was created based on data concerning expenditure on research and development (R&D) per full-time employee, expenditure structure and financing, divided into own, EU and budget spending.

Pharmaceutical innovation

The national pharmaceutical industry drives innovation in the Polish economy. National pharmaceutical and biotech companies initiate and finance research into innovative Polish drugs, in collaboration with Polish scientific centres.

At Adamed, research and development has been a key area of the company’s activity since its establishment. Adamed began its search of innovative drugs as early as 2001 and was the first Polish pharmaceutical company to do so. In 2017, outlays on the development of new pharmaceutical products accounted for 57% of total investment outlays; at that time the company spent 4.5 times more on average (as a % of investment revenues) than the entire pharmaceutical industry [1]. Adamed is working on innovative substances, as well as improving its products and therapeutic methods by using the latest technology, focused on, among others, new routes and methods of administration, new indications or combo drugs i.e. containing several active substances in one tablet.

Poland against a global background

Rzeczpospolita writes that investment by Polish companies in R&D activities increased by 13% over the last year. With respect to these types of expenditure, Poland ranks 21st among OECD countries, and in 2017 outlays on R&D amounted to only 1.03% of GDP.

In comparison, in the Czech Republic, they amount to 1.79% of GDP and in Austria – 3.15% of GDP. Global giants such as Amazon and Alphabet earmark more than 10 percent of their annual revenue on R&D work. In 2018, the record holder in this area was Amazon with more than 40% year-on-year growth and USD 22.6 billion allocated for this purpose.

[1]Comparison based on CSO data