Prizes and awards

Adamed recognised as most credible in medicine

25 January 2019

The first edition of the ‘Most Credible in Polish Economy’ awards saw Adamed presented with the statue in the category of Medicine. It was accepted on 24 January at the official ceremony held at the Palace of Culture and Science by Larysa Żuchowska, Adamed’s manager of external communication.

“The success of Adamed is based on 3 foundations – credibility, innovation, and international expansion. When we look for answers to the key challenges of contemporary medicine, we look to the Polish school of science and Polish scientists. We test innovative medication and have already dedicated over PLN 1.2 billion to investments, research, and development. But – most importantly – Adamed is a Partner of the Polish Economy – we recruit our qualified employees in Poland, we pay our taxes in Poland, and we export top quality medicinal products to 65 countries worldwide from Poland. (...) The development of domestic pharmaceutical companies is reflected in the quality of the lives and health of us all,” said Larysa Żuchowska.