Prizes and awards

Adamed Group named “Reliable Employer of the Year 2015”

30 March 2016

The Company applies an HR policy according to which the process of training and development of personnel is perceived as an important investment in the staff, contributing to success both on a company and an individual level. The initiatives that form part of this policy include the development programme “Let’s Reach the Stars” intended for the Medical Consultants and Pharmaceutical Representatives, as well as postgraduate studies “Management of the Delivery Chain”, launched by Adamed Group in cooperation with the Kozminski University. The company introduced also the talent development programme “Business Pearls”, implemented in cooperation with the ICAN Institute — the publisher of Harvard Business Review Polska. This prestigious project has been designed for “Adamed Group Talents”, people striving to improve business awareness, skills and competencies as key factors for giving the company a competitive edge.

Thanks to the participation in such initiatives, our colleagues deepen their knowledge and competencies, and the best of them climb the career ladder, within both the domestic and foreign Adamed Group structure.

Apart from the implementation of development programmes, Adamed Group provides an inspiring, friendly and exciting working environment, allowing the staff to gain new experience. The company ensures them access to cutting-edge technologies and possibilities of cooperation with scientific centres, and also gives opportunities for development and education in the broad sense.

Our consistent HR policy has positive effects for the entire organisation. Adamed Group currently has 1,600 employees, while a large portion of the team has long-standing ties with the company. For instance, in the area of research and development the average duration of employment is 8 years, whereas in the areas of finances, business support and operations it is 10, 12 and 16 years, respectively. In turn, sales managers have worked with the company even for 10 years.

About the competition

The competition “Reliable Employer of the Year” is aimed at selecting and promoting the most reliable enterprises and institutions as far as their employment policy, employment solutions and HR management are concerned. The competition is conducted via the following daily columns: in Rzeczpospolita — “Rzecz o Biznesie” and Gazeta Wyborcza — “Strony Rynku” as well as in “Monitor Gospodarczy” broadcast on TV Polsat bands.