Adamed Group with the mark of High-Quality Internship

24 March 2016

The internship programme offered by the Company meets the criteria necessary to be included in the Programme for the Polish Quality Framework for Internships and Traineeships and to be considered a High-Quality Internship.

The awarded Quality Mark is information for students and graduates that the internship on offer in Adamed Group translates into added value and allows them to gain valuable professional experience. For the employer, on the other hand, this is a reliable confirmation that the highest standards are met in this respect. Moreover, it also provides an opportunity to participate in meetings and debates on key challenges and new initiatives in the area of internships and traineeships.

Within the review process for compliance with standards, the internship programme in Adamed Group was subject to a detailed analysis of all areas considered as key areas when organising high-quality internships, i.e.

- preparation for the programme implementation and recruitment,

- contracts signed with interns,

- the internship’s educational value,

- supervision and mentoring,

- term, reimbursement and social care,

- programme appraisal.

The Programme for the Polish Quality Framework for Internships and Traineeships is the first initiative in Poland which is aimed at setting the highest standards in the implementation of internship and traineeship programmes in companies. The core of the Programme is the Polish Quality Framework for Internships and Traineeships, which is a set of norms and standards for the implementation of high-quality internship and traineeship programmes in companies, developed in cooperation with several dozen organisations being members of the Polish Association for HR Management. The initiative is held under the auspices of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Polish Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Policy.