Adamed for Seniors as a partner of the 5th National Silver Economy Congress

25 November 2021

The aging process affects everyone, but the phenomenon of age discrimination is prevalent both on the consumer and labor markets. There are currently over 14 million people aged 50+ in Poland. Of note, today we can expect to live around 20 years longer than in the 1950s, but the retirement age has remained unchanged. This means that an average Pole spends two decades of his or her life in retirement. Consequently, ensuring that senior citizens live a good and long life requires building up three resources: health, social relationships, and finances. Intergenerational solidarity and responsibility seem to be other two key factors, especially in the times of pandemic.

On the first day of the Congress, the debate on “Active lifestyle for a long life – health, prevention and finances” was moderated by the expert Larysa Żuchowska, Social Program Manager at Adamed Pharma S.A. The discussion centered around the issues of healthy lifestyle, social inclusion and participation, and opportunities and preconditions for active aging. 

“Aging begins in childhood, so already at that early stage you should take care of three factors: proper nutrition, lifestyle and physical activity” – said one of the participants of the debate, Bolesław Samoliński, MD, PhD, Head of the Department of Prevention of Environmental Hazards, Allergology and Immunology at Warsaw Medical University.

According to the report discussed during the panel, entitled: “Surveys on the life and health of the Polish population”, commissioned by the life insurance company PZU Życie and conducted in July 2021, long life is valuable for 78% of Poles, but only as long as seniors are able to live independently. Meanwhile, one in five Poles avoid any preventive healthcare. Only half follow a balanced diet, and just one in four practice sports for more than two hours a week. However, by discussing the compendium of knowledge on preventive healthcare entitled “You can change your life”, the participants also found out that Polish people were prepared to change their bad habits in the area of preventive healthcare.

During two days of online meetings, experts from Poland, France, Brazil, Japan, UK, USA, Switzerland, and Russia shared their knowledge and sought to find answers to the challenges faced by aging societies and possible ways to support the silver generation.