Adamed Pharma teams up with Warsaw Health Innovation Hub

23 November 2021

Adamed has joined the Warsaw Health Innovation Hub – a joint initiative launched by the Medical Research Agency (ABM) and key players in medicine, pharmacy and biotechnology, coordinated by the ABM Department of Innovation and Biotechnology Development.

On 22 November 2021, Paweł Roszczyk, Managing Director and Member of the Management Board at Adamed Pharma S.A., and Radosław Sierpiński, MD, PhD, President of the Medical Research Agency,

The WHIH is Central Europe’s first accelerator platform for fostering cooperation between the public sector and the business community. The overarching goal of the activities involving the public administration, research centers and associated private entities is to create innovative medical, technological and legal solutions to improve the health of patients and increase the efficiency of the Polish healthcare system. The strategic areas of the initiative include pharmaceutical innovations and medical technologies, innovations in the field of medical devices, and IT solutions in healthcare.

By joining the Warsaw Health Innovation Hub, we’ve become part of an important platform for the development of innovation in the healthcare system, which is of major importance for patients. Together with Adamed’s team, we hope that the aggregated potential of professional expertise and global experiences shared by each of the member companies will be an incubator for strategic, bold and groundbreaking initiatives to improve the quality of patient treatment in Poland. Understandably, the pandemic has been a time when the responsibility and cooperation within the industry is being put to a tough test. This is why Adamed is a natural partner of the Hub. We place key importance on dialog, openness, and readiness to act for the welfare of patients in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders – said Paweł Roszczyk, Managing Director and Member of the Management Board at Adamed Pharma S.A.

At present, the project brings together a total of 12 partner companies including Adamed Pharma S.A. The company will be represented on the Council of the Warsaw Health Innovation Hub by Karolina Czekaj, Corporate Finance and Investment Director

The Warsaw Health Innovation Hub is an open initiative, and we are happy to see more partners join in. Until now, mainly global players joined the ranks of the WHIH. Signing an agreement with the Polish company Adamed is particularly important to me because we care deeply about Polish companies – their growth, expertise, and commitment to our initiative. I know that Polish companies have a lot to offer in terms of developing innovation capabilities, new technologies, medical devices or digital solutions. I hope that together we will succeed in working out solutions that will contribute to the development, improvement, and upgrading of the healthcare system for the benefit of Polish patients– said Radosław Sierpiński, MD, PhD, President of the Medical Research Agency.