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Young scientists in action – ADAMED SmartUP camp opens

18 July 2018

Under the watchful eye of experienced lecturers, they will explore the arcana of biochemistry, physics, engineering, medicine, microbiology, modern technologies and robotics. This is also a great opportunity for the most gifted participants to obtain a scientific scholarship.

Year by year, the ADAMED SmartUP scholarship programme has been getting more and more popular among young scientists. Over 9 thousand participants registered for this year’s edition, which is 2 thousand more than last year. Then, as a result of a multi-stage recruitment process consisting in evaluation of the received applications and discussions with the Scientific Council experts, 50 best candidates were selected. The selected participants are now partaking in a summer scientific camp at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW, co-funded by the European Union. The first meetings were held on 15 July and will be continued for the next fortnight.

The ADAMED SmartUP scientific camp is a combination of theory and practice. During the lectures and workshops conducted by experienced academic staff, we are giving the young scientists a unique opportunity for development of knowledge and acquisition of skills which go beyond the core curriculum prevailing in schools. We also make efforts to keep the participants motivated and involved in what they do and, most importantly, to give them a chance to share their successes with others. For them, the two weeks is mostly a time of team-working, which facilitates making new acquaintances. Thanks to the programme, those last for many years – says Martyna Strupczewska, Manager of the ADAMED SmartUP programme.

During the camp organised as part of this year’s edition of the programme, the participants can benefit from practical classes organised in 4 thematic groups: Biochemistry and Chemistry, Engineering and Robotics, Medicine and Medical Sciences as well as Physics and Modern Technologies. Additionally, the students participate in lectures conducted by lecturers from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW, the scope of which exceeds the core curriculum prevailing in secondary schools. During the planned meetings with experts, the young scientists will have a chance to, among other things, solve the Schrödinger equation, test a flight simulator and learn new techniques of surgical suturing. They will also use 3-D printers to obtain foodstuffs.

As in the previous three editions, the Scientific Council of the ADAMED SmartUP programme will select ten winners of the main award out of the 50 camp participants. The winners’ names will be announced in September, during the final Gala. The winners will receive awards in the form of a 10-month educational counselling cycle tailored to their individual needs, while the three best participants will also be granted a scientific scholarship.

Registration for the next edition of the programme starts in September already and will be available at: www.adamedsmartup.pl We encourage young science enthusiasts, aged 15–19, to test their abilities in the innovative game, which, for some of them, may turn out to be a ticket to the world of science.