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Adamed becomes partner of innovative studies at Jagiellonian University

27 August 2018

DD&D offers education in the field of identification and development of new drugs. It is dedicated to graduates of the 1st and 2nd degree chemistry, biology, pharmaceutical and medical studies.

The Faculty of Pharmacy of the JU MC, which conducted enrolment for this field of studies in 2017, has been assigned the top A + category for units particularly distinguished in terms of the quality of scientific research conducted or of their development works. In the recently published Shanghai ranking of academic subjects, pharmaceutical sciences at the Jagiellonian University claimed the top position among Polish faculties (51–75).

“Adamed is supporting the new DD&sD studies by participating in syllabus development, through lectures delivered by key experts as well as by organising internships for the best students. Adamed’s participation in this undertaking forms part of our strategy of supporting development of knowledge-based economy; it is also an investment in future staff, comprising highly qualified partners,” said Bartłomiej Żerek, Manager of the Innovation Department at Adamed.

Benefits for students

In the upcoming academic year, European students, thanks to the university’s cooperation with Polish entrepreneurs, will get a chance to experience free innovative education not only on nationwide scale, but also on the scale of the entire Eastern Europe. Non-EU students will need to pay USD 7,500 for their studies. One of the most important advantages of this form of cooperation is providing students with something more than advanced theoretical knowledge. Experiments conducted as part of their academic courses will present an excellent opportunity for them to prepare for real operating conditions in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological sector.

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