Prizes and awards

Three winning organisations in the ‘Adamed for Senior’ competition are announced

21 September 2017

The initiatives submitted touched upon many aspects of life — starting from those tackling social problems, through countering the social exclusion of elderly people, to those aimed at providing seniors with everyday activity through, for example, exercise and artistic activities. Due to the huge number of submissions, the selection of the winners posed something of a challenge to the jury. The competition committee took into consideration such criteria as: intensity of the previous activity of the requesting entity, quality and transparency of the activities, number of beneficiaries, consideration of senior needs, inventiveness, originality, creativity, subject matter issues, and the quality of presentation in the competition application.

The winners are: 
- IFMSA — International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations Poland in Warsaw 
- Cultural Centre Kęty 
- Vistula Museum in Kazimierz Dolny

Selecting three winners from among nearly 200 entries was a demanding task; all the more so, because each application was interesting and included propositions for activities aimed at improving the activity of elderly people. The winners of the competition are distinguished by their interdisciplinary approach to senior needs. The objectives of the winning projects are, in our view, an answer to the numerous problems elderly people face. Many seniors want to use their free time actively and constructively. It is important to provide them with opportunities which will increase their satisfaction and allow them to build relationships and establish contact with other people  — says Katarzyna Dubno, Director of Department of External Relations and Health Economics at Adamed Group — the organiser of the competition.

In response to the need to promote the activation of elderly people, Adamed Group announced the ‘Adamed for Seniors’ competition. It was founded to support local initiatives with concepts that entailed, first of all, involving seniors and creating interesting projects that would cater to their needs. The winners met the objectives of the competition in full.

The project submitted by IFMSA — International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations Poland — is focused on three pillars: education, activation, and integration. The project comprises the preparation of lectures, both for seniors and a broader audience — students of medical faculties and healthcare professionals. The meetings will cover topics related to ageism, public health, activation of seniors, and communication with geriatric patients. As part of the project, the Senior Day of IFMSA-Poland will also be organised in at least 10 of the Association’s offices.

The project of the Culture Centre Kęty entitled ‘Training makes perfect’ is focused on the improvement of motor skills and physical performance, as well as the tactical and technical skills of elderly people. The main objective is to prepare the participants to take part in local sports tournaments. Moreover, mini competitions will be held for all seniors involved in the project to select the best athletes. The sporting disciplines on offer to the participants include: men and women 60 m and 200 m sprint, swimming, shot put, bowls, trail cycling, table tennis, shooting, and archery as well as the winter sports: cross-country skiing and slalom skiing. All athletes will receive the professional care of physiotherapists.

The objective of the last winning project by the Vistula Museum in Kazimierz Dolny — ‘Kazimierz dwóch księżyców’ was the creation of a literary-tourist trail for seniors inspired by the book ‘Dwa księżyce’ [‘Two Moons’] by Maria Kuncewiczowa. The trail will be prepared in collaboration with elderly residents of Kazimierz Dolny. The trail will be subject to public consultations, and the opinions obtained will be used to create a publicly available guide book.

Detailed information on the winning projects can be found on the website:

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21 September 2017