The Polish Economic Congress

27 October 2014

On the first day of the congress the participants discussed the proposals of the systemic and legal changes in science and education as well as business environment, the perspectives of cooperation and commercialization on the edge of science and business by the year 2020 and higher education as well as the resulting needs of the labour market. 

During the debate entitled „Institutional surrounding.  Proposals of the systemic and legal changes in the business environment”  Małgorzata Adamkiewicz, Doctor of Medicine and General Director at the Adamed Group,  pointed out to the fact that Poland offers a tax relief on the acquisition of new technologies, however, there is a lack of effective tax reliefs on expenses related to R&D activities: - As a result, public resources are utilized to buy already existing technologies, not to develop own R&D activity.  That type of approach does not generate added value for the Polish economy.  

In the later part of her speech Małgorzata Adamkiewicz mentioned the statistics regarding little usage of reliefs for research and development in Poland, small number of patents registered by Polish entrepreneurs – it all is a proof that despite significant growth of investment in innovation,  Poland still has a lot to catch up on to fulfill the assumptions of the Europe 2020 strategy (expenses on R&D at the level of 3% GDP).

The words of President Komorowski „Science must be useful” became the motto of the Congress and very well reflect Adamed’s activity, as the company for many years has been cooperating with leading research centres and universities within the idea of scientific-industrial consortia.  Thanks to this cooperation, development of its own scientific concept and its own patents, the Adamed Group achieves the competitive advantage and implements innovative solutions.  The company also has an ambition to develop the Polish scientific thought from an early age, therefore the Adamed Group Foundation launched an educational project called ADAMED SmartUP, which aim is to support talented youth in scope of exact and natural sciences.

28 October 2014
Prizes and awards
20 October 2014