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Scientific Awards of Polityka

20 October 2014

Richard Weber, The President of the European Economic Chamber, underlined in his opening speech how important it is to focus on the future; he also emphasized the important role that the European Parliament of Enterprises plays in the process of the creation of favourable conditions for the entrepreneurs within the EU. 

The European entrepreneurs declared that they demanded more dynamic and more effective legislative actions both at the national as well as international level.  The main area of consideration is strengthening of the European economic diplomacy – the protection of EU entrepreneurs on the worldwide market, increasing the companies’ possibilities to gain skilled staff and enabling the enterprises to cooperate with educational centres.  One of the most crucial aspects that requires change is also the tax system  – its simplification and adjustment to the company profile. Moreover, the entrepreneurs agreed that it was necessary to increase the flexibility of innovation based, among other things, on energetic efficiency.

The next session of the European Parliament of Enterprises will be held in two years. 

27 October 2014
CSR/Corporate social responsibility
20 October 2014