Prizes and awards

The Golden OTIS Trust Award goes to Adamed

25 June 2021

The award ceremony took place on 24th June. The statuette was collected on behalf of Adamed by: Katarzyna Dubno,Public Affairs & Market Access Director at Adamed and prof. Andrzej M. Fal, the main chairman and a conference expert, Head of the Clinical Department of Allergology, Lung Diseases and Internal Diseases, Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration in Warsaw, the President of the Management Board of the Polish Society of Public Health.

The organizers of the award –  “the Golden OTIS” awarded Adamed in the category “Event – the hero of the pandemic 2020”. 

The panels were broadcast tocountries in several time zones, and the speeches were simultaneously translated into four languages.

From the beginning of the pandemic, Adamed supported the medical community. We were always close and we realizedhow great the need for knowledge is. We organized webinars and educational materials. The AdamedFoundationas a part of Adamed Expert program in cooperation with national consultants and presidents of scientific societies has developed possible solutions for dealing with COVID-19 patients.However, we were still looking for a solution to combine the theoreticalknowledge, discussion and the exchange of experience across borders. This time also the geographic ones. This is how an idea to create the international conference emerged. The great success of the conference lies in the fact that Adamed has met the needs of medical community. Consequently, the conference became a place where tens of thousands of doctors from 9 countries around the world can exchange knowledge, said Katarzyna Dubno during the ceremony.

The prizes were also awarded, among others, in the following categories: doctor and social activist, achievements in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and scientific debuts. The complete list of winners is available here:

 The Golden OTIS is a prestigious Trust Award grantedon the initiative of a group of experts, members of the Golden OTIS Award Jury that shape healthcare system in Poland. The award has been granted since 2004 to remarkable doctors, pharmacists, journalists, patient organizations and pharmaceutical companies.