Development and innovation

Development and investment is Adamed’s plan for ensuring general access to treatments

6 July 2021

The investment leads to an increase inproductionand storage capacity, automation and development of packaging possibilities with the simultaneous modernization of these processes. The aim of the project is to achieve the highest level of robotization in Poland among pharmaceutical companies and to increase the capacity of the production centre – from 2 billion tablets produced in 2020 to 4 billion in 2027.

On 5th July this year a symbolic topping out was hanged on one of the walls of the Production and Logistics Center in Pabianice, which symbolizes the completion of one of the stages of the investment. The ceremony was held with participation of representatives of public administration. The guests were, among others, the Ministry of Health representatives, Maciej Miłkowski - Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Health and Łukasz Szmulski - Director of the Department of Drug Policy and Pharmacy, Krzysztof Habura- the Staroste of Pabianice, Grzegorz Mackiewicz - the Mayor of the City of Pabianice, Adam Topolski- the Head of the Ksawerów Commune, Marek Michalik - the President of the Board of Łódź Special Economic Zone and representatives of the main contractor of the investment – the Alstal company.
Since Polfa Pabianice was purchased in 2010, Adamed has exploited the potential of this place and invests in its development. It has doubled the scale of the production – plants located in Ksawerów and Pabianice produced about 1 billion tablets ten years ago whereas today – 2 billion. The Polish company also built a High Potent Zone for drugs that require special supervision and protection, and opened a Pilot Plant R&D in 2017. Consequently, this allowed for the acceleration and improvement of research and development processes. Adamed would like to constantly develop its operations in Pabianice. Therefore, it has been expanding its Production and Logistics Centre. A new warehouse is to be built in the first quarter of 2022, then the packaging room in the second quarter of 2022. In parallel to construction works, Adamed will also carry out digitalization processesuntil 2026 including robotization and automation. The completion for the investment is planned for the end of 2026.
A plant of the 21st century
The cost of the expansion amounts to over 300 million PLNinvestmentwithin the next five years. Thanks to this, Adamed will be able to double its existing production capacity.
The consequence of the increase in production will be an increase in CPL’s capacity to pack, store and control the quality ofmanufactured drugs, which represent an integral part of the production process. The introduced improvements will allow for efficient and effective process of  planning operations, which in turn will meanstandardization of quality, manufacturing and logistics processes. Adamed’s Production and Logistics Center will also be more modern thanks to the latest technologies in the field of  simplification, automation and robotization. They will include “cloud” tools to respond to supply chain to market changes as soon as possible, autonomous or semi-autonomous lines for preparing samples for product testing, smart warehouse and building infrastructure management systems as well as robots for palletizing.

The planned investment is compatible with Adamed's long-term business strategy and the perspective of growth and improvement. It is a response to the company's development needs in the field of advanced technologies and the pace of production growth. This will in turn lead to the comfort of work of our employees from the Production and Logistics Center in Pabianice and Ksawerów, said Bartłomiej Rodawski, Member of the Management Board and Chief Operating Officer at Adamed.

The investment will also bring benefits to future employees. New employees will be able to develop in the areas of production, logistics, quality and technology, and strengthen their managerial competences. In this way, Adamed will be more attractive employer in the region.

The expansion of the Center is carried out in accordance with Adamed's sustainable development strategy. The investment will allow for energy savings, among others thanks to the optimization processes, such as photovoltaics, and will have a limited impact on the environment by using, inter alia, recycled packaging.

Ensuring general access to treatments is of paramount importance

In the context of the decision to expand the production plant, there is also a very important issue -ensuring general access to treatments at the national and European Union level. During the pandemic, Poles have realized the importance of domestic pharmaceutical industry - local producers supply almost 50 percent of daily therapies used by Poles. Compared to other European countries, Poles were not suffering from deficiencies in medicines mainly because Polish entrepreneurs have been constantly investing in research and development as well as in production infrastructure.

Production in the country determines the safety of therapies, and the key to health is their availability. In order to meet contemporary challenges, pharmaceutical companies should constantly develop and invest. Adamed decided to carry out this investment in a difficult and unpredictable time - in order to effectively and responsibly respond to current needs in the future and provide Poles with access to modern and effective treatment, said Bartłomiej Rodawski, Member of the Management Board and Chief Operating Officer at Adamed.

Since 2001, Adamed has allocated PLN 1.7 billion for investments and R&D activities, and in recent years investments in Poland have amounted to an average of PLN 130 million per year.