Oeparol Stimulance – mature rejuvenation!

24 April 2013

From the beginning of April, dermocosmetics from this product line are being promoted in nine major women’s publications: Świat Kobiety, Tina, Kobieta i Życie, NAJ, Przyjaciółka, Pani Domu,Party, Show and Grazia. Meanwhile, starting in May, Oeparol Stimulance products will be featured in two television shows: Na dobre i na złe and Komisarz Alex, as well as during TVP’s morning show Pytanie na śniadanie. Advertisements in the press and television will be further supported by an Adwords campaign in, which will continue through to the end of June.

 * * *

Oeparol Stimulance products counter signs of ageing thanks to the ingredient RetiOleumTMcomplex, a unique combination of Pro-Retinol and evening primrose oil rich in omega-6 acids. Pro-Retinol stimulates cell regeneration, improves blood flow and skin oxygenation, while omega-6 acids strengthen the lipid barrier and prevent wrinkles. Products also contain safflower extract, which improves skin regeneration and stimulates synthesis of collagen and elastin. 

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26 April 2013
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23 April 2013