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Next stage of recruitment in ADAMED SmartUP

8 June 2015

Thus recruitment for the first innovative science camp in Poland came to an end. During the past six months, participants of the ADAMED SmartUP educational and scientific programme took part in an interactive recruitment game, full of riddles and unexpected twists and turns, they checked their knowledge in an on-line test and had a meeting with the Scientific Council of the Programme to convince them that they are the ones who should participate in the scientific camp. Who are these young explorers, so passionate about science?

The recruitment meetings were attended by high school and junior high school students from all over Poland. They are 15–19-year-olds, who certainly intimidate many adults with their hunger for knowledge, scientific achievements and plans for further development. They are people who engage in all kinds of research projects, they attend scientific camps and take part in scientific seminars. On a daily basis, they are proficient users of laboratory equipment, while the gas chromatograph, spectrophotometer, programming in C++, electrophoresis and PCR techniques have no secrets for them. They have won national and international Olympiads and competitions in areas such as biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, computer science and astronomy. In their spare time, they are engaged in science clubs, deal with robotics, Latin, Linux, micro controllers programming, exploring computer security, cryptography and algorithmics, and even experimenting with experimental physics. The candidates selected during the interviews were invited to the science camp that will provide them with a chance for further development of their passions.

The science camp, however, is not the end. The best of them will participate in a 10-month mentored programme in order to get them prepared for further academic career. With the cooperation of educational consultants, young scientists will receive a full package of support – from help in developing university applications, throughout inspiring university classes and ending with motivational support. This process will also allow to identify the winners of the first edition of the ADAMED SmartUP programme, who will receive scientific scholarships tailored to individual needs.