Prizes and awards

Next CSR award for Adamed Group

22 May 2017

This year's ranking featured 111 companies. The honourable trophy was awarded based on an analysis of the questionnaire on corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, which had been conducted among the largest Polish companies. The ADAMED SmartUP project was additionally awarded for the ability to build partnerships for performance and effective communication. The programme was listed as one of the initiatives that inspire other companies with their theme or implementation.

What is the Listek CSR Polityki award?

Listek CSR Polityki award is the most prestigious Polish award for achievements in the field of CSR. Every year, the quality of corporate social responsibility actions undertaken by several hundred largest Polish companies are evaluated by the Polityka weekly based on surveys sent out beforehand. The Złoty Listek CSR Polityki award (the golden award) is received by companies which base their activities on the best local and global practices while applying international standards. An important element of their management is a written-down and public document defining the principles of business conduct as well as the highest standards of personnel management. The effects of their actions are presented cyclically in reports that are subject to external verification.