Flexinovo campaign extended!

13 February 2013

The radio campaign is at all times supported by a consumer-targeted campaign. Anyone who buys two promotional Flexinovo packages, cuts out both bar codes, fills outs the registration form and sends them to the address listed in the contest rules will receive a third package for free. Additionally, the first internet campaign for this product will be launched in March. It will include such sites as:, and Facebook. The campaign is aimed at people who lead an active life style and because of increased physical effort can suffer problems with their joints. It is expect to run until April 30th. 


Flexinovo is a modern diet supplement for people who wish to ensure proper functioning of their joints. It contains: type II collagen – one of the basic intercellular substances of the skeletal system, as well as glucosamine, chondroitin and NutrihylTM – modern and clinically tested hyaluronic acid, which has a positive effect on increasing the range of motion in the joints. 

More information about the campaign:

Contest rules – third package free  [PDF file]

4 March 2013
CSR/Corporate social responsibility
1 February 2013