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4th Adamed Group Alpine Skiing Championships

1 February 2013

A total of eleven women competed in the women’s category. Arletta Stasiak took first place and won the title of Adamed Group Alpine Skiing Champion 2013. Oliwia Mokrus-Żebrowska and Barbara Obcowska took the next two places on the podium, respectively. 

In turn, the men’s event saw twenty competitors in the starting blocks with Piotr Ruman achieving the best result and winning the title of Adamed Group Alpine Skiing Champion 2013. Jacek Warchoł and Bartosz Komendera came in just behind time to capture second and third place. 

The 12th Pharmaceutical Companies Alpine Skiing Championships are coming up in March.

 Fingers crossed for our team!

13 February 2013
Prizes and awards
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