Final verdict reached in the competition!

30 September 2016

The great commitment of the young people and the immense number of entries prove that Polish youth wants to learn in a modern way and knows how to do it.

The competition was organized to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Adamed Group. The prize was equipment sets for 30 school research laboratories, each valued at around PLN 10 thousand. In order to win, students had to prepare a lesson plan and use it as a basis for a 3-minute video on one of the following topics:

  • Chemistry in food and cooking
  • What would happen if? (the role of microorganisms in our world)
  • What is the Universe made of?
  • How does a cell process energy from food?

“A total of nearly 300 videos were submitted. Considering such fierce competition, the winners deserve even greater applause. The students and teachers proved to be incredibly creative, and we were very pleased with such a high turnout,” says Katarzyna Dubno, Head of the External Relations and Health Economics Department at Adamed Group.

All videos were published on-line, and were first ranked according to the Internet users’ voting. The 150 thousand on-line opinions posted helped to pre-select 100 most interesting works, out of which the competition jury chose 30 top entries.

“The turnout and the interest in the competition exceeded our expectations. But what we are most pleased with is the fact that the winning entries came from all over Poland, some of them from small towns,” remarks Katarzyna Dubno.

The list of winning schools is available on-line at: There you will also find links to competition videos.

This was the second edition of the competition organized by Adamed Group where students get the chance to win state-of-the-art equipment for their school laboratories. The first edition was organized last year under the special educational program labelled ADAMED SmartUP. The initiative aims at supporting young people in pursuing their interests in science. In the first edition, the entries comprised 130 creative, funny and inspiring lessons in chemistry, physics and biology. The jury selected three winners, and the cutting edge equipment was dispatched to high schools in Sanok, Starachowice and Mielec.