European Forum for New Ideas

1 October 2013

Also participating in the panel were: Wiesław Byczkowski – Vice Marshall of the Pomeranian Voivodeship, Peter Dröll – Head of Innovation Policy Unit, Director General for Research and Innovation, European Commission; Richard Doherty – Public Sector Services Leader, Europe Middle East & Africa, Deloitte; Pawel Orłowski – Undersecretary of State, Ministry for Regional Development; Joke van den Bandt-Stel, Head of Brussels Office VNO-CNW. 

 The debate was hosted by Bogusław Chrabota, Editor-in-Chief of Rzeczpospolita, and focused around issues relating to barriers and thresholds for innovation and the new financial perspective for 2014-2020.  Attempts were made to answer the question why Europe is less innovative than the USA or Japan as well as how to turn slogans of European innovation into real initiatives and how to reduce the disparities in terms of innovation between various EU countries. 

The matter of cooperation between the public and private sectors, being key to the development of innovation, was brought out throughout the debate in various contexts. Speaking on public-private partnership in Poland, Maciej Adamkiewicz said that there is a need to think in more of a long-term focus and engage public administration at all levels of the process. “We should discuss not only current matters but also about those that can occur in the coming years. We need to be able to recognize opportunities and risks” – concluded Maciej Adamkiewicz.


The European Forum for New Ideas 2013 is an international congress of business communities with the participation of representatives of the world of science, culture and politics. It is organized by the Polish Confederation Lewiatan in cooperation with BUSINESSEUROPE, the City of Sopot, and  Polish and international companies and institutions.