Adamed Group on the 9th Rynek Zdrowia Forum

22 October 2013

How to stimulate development of innovative projects in medicine and pharma? How does Poland stack up against other countries in terms of financing scientific research? Is cooperation between science and business possible? Can Poland become an important player in Europe in area of clinical trials? Krzysztof Kurowski, Director of Operations and R&D at the Adamed Group and President of Polfa Pabianice along with other experts will be searching for answers to these and many other questions relating to the pharmaceutical market in Poland. The event will be held on October 23rd from 11:30 to 13:30 during the 9th Rynek Zdrowia Forum in the Sheraton Hotel in Warsaw. 

The 9th Rynek Zdrowia Forum will be held on October 22-23. It is one of the most important and at the same time biggest events in the pharmaceutical and medical industry in Poland, organized for 9 consecutive years by Rynek Zdrowia. This year’s theme covers not only the healthcare system and planned changes to it, but will also be a forum for exchanging ideas and opinions on matters relating to the pharmaceutical industry and R&D projects. Further to the plenary session, 13 the matic sessions will be held, during which esteemed representatives of Polish medical sector, politicians, top executives and representatives of pharmaceutical companies will be participating.

25 October 2013
1 October 2013