Chance for start-ups with adamed’s support

16 November 2016

Applications for the 3rd programme of this kind accepted up until 20 November will be used to select the teams which will have the task of working intensively on development of their businesses and business projects for the next 4 months. Subsequently they will collaborate with mentors. For a period of three and a half months, participants will receive professional knowledge from them. Effects of the collaboration will be presented during the Final Gala on 31 March 2017.

The Warsaw Accelerator is a programme of which the strength and effectiveness is due to cooperation with mentors with many years of experience and investors with a wide network of contacts. The Adamed Group offers support in terms of the specialist issues, financing, and mentoring. It was launched in July 2015, and 33 start-ups and companies at various stages of development have participated in it so far. Out of 10 participants in the second programme, three have found private investors, while others are at the discussion phase.

CSR/Corporate social responsibility
31 October 2016