Another investment into research and development by Adamed Group

25 April 2018

The Pilot Plant was developed to respond to needs of patients and challenges of contemporary medicine faster and more accurately, and hence to improve medicinal safety in Poland.

The grand opening of the R&D Pilot Plant of Adamed Group in Pabianice was attended by Marcin Czech, Deputy Minister of Health, who said: “It is a great honour being able to participate in the grand opening of this Pilot Plant in Pabianice. I consider this event to be another step along the path of Adamed’s growth that I have been monitoring from the beginning of its existence. I have been amazed with the creativity, innovation and determination displayed at this family-owned Polish company and its co-workers, while it was on its way to becoming a large global company, that is now active on 65 markets.

Together with the Minister of Entrepreneurship, we see a potential of the pharmaceutical industry as an important element of economy that has an opportunity of increasing its innovation, having more focus on export, providing more jobs and cooperating with universities more effectively. We notice the role of Polish manufacturers and we try to reinforce it.”

“This investment is another piece of evidence of our commitment to developing innovativeness of the Polish economy. For more than 30 years we have been growing, cooperating with the leading national universities and research centres, and we are happy that our works are based on intellectual property rights that remain in the country. We employ over 2000 people directly, and we have been a Partner of the Polish Economy for years”, said Małgorzata Adamkiewicz, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of the Adamed Group.

Pilot production of medicine candidates will be completed at the Pilot Plant. This is a necessary stage of the research and development process that determines the possibility to effectively complete development-related activities and in the further perspective, to obtain marketing authorisation and launch production.

I would like to congratulate the company’s management for the progress in the recent years. There are no doubts that Adamed Group is an evidence of modernity where one can observe innovation. Scientific research, developing recommendations regarding the directions of changes or inspiring scientific and educational activities are the keys to achieving success. You build the success of Poland every day” Jadwiga Emilewicz, Minister for Entrepreneurship and Technology wrote in a letter to the President of the Adamed Group Management Board.

Adamed Group is the first Polish pharmaceutical company that started its search for innovative medicines. In 2016, the company opened an innovative research and development centre in presence of Mateusz Morawiecki who was the Deputy Minister of Economy at that time, and who stated “Your company is a jewel in the crown of the Polish economy (...). Your key role us not to harm and secondly to help where possible and create conditions for development that will enable to implement your projects as well as technological and medical solutions in the most effective way. This can certainly be incorporated on a 1:1 basis into the plan regarding responsible development

Innovative technologies at Pilot Plant

The R&D Department of Adamed Group has been successfully developing prototypes of innovative medicinal products, the Pilot Plant will provide possibilities of even more effective closing of the entire work cycle, at the moment preceding provision if the drug to a patient.

“Prior to establishment of the Pilot Plant, R&D activities had to be adjusted to he production schedules. Now, in the new area of R&D pilot production, optimising and pilot (registration) batches will be manufactured as well as batches for bioequivalence and clinical studies. A separate, highly-specialised production area will ensure even more effective performance of research and development works, while making it possible to manufacture more pharmaceuticals”, explains Anna Terlecka, Research And Development Director, Adamed Group.

Currently, advanced works are underway on medicinal products used in therapy of oncological diseases and central nervous system diseases. Thanks to the Pilot Plant, Adamed Group will identify, optimise and validate the parameters of manufacture already at the development stage.

The Pilot Plant Centre was co-financed with structural funds of the European Union, granted by the Ministry of Development. This support combined with investment of Adamed Group enables to apply the most innovative technologies such as two-layer tabletting, hot melt extrusion or improved fluidal granulation. This equipment enables effective manufacture of products with added value so that patients can obtain easy access to high-quality medicinal products with desired effectiveness and safety profile.

Adamed Group as a Partner of Polish Economy

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the driving forces of Polish innovative economy, responsible for 1 percent of Poland’s GDP. The significance of this industry was recognised in the Government’s Strategy towards Responsible Development which considered this sector as one of the key areas of innovative economy, underlining the importance of R&D work development in the pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, the Polish pharmaceutical industry is key from the point of view of ensuring medicine safety to Polish patients.