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ADAMED SmartUP Reunion – An in-person meeting after a break of two years

8 July 2022

As part of the programme, the Adamed Foundation supports exceptionally talented young people from all over Poland and helps them to pursue their passions under the guidance of experienced practitioners and esteemed scientists. A core element of ADAMED SmartUp is a scholarship programme – every year several thousand students register to get a chance to take part in an innovative science camp. The winners receive a package of education consultations and the best of the best also receive financial support.

The Reunion of Graduates is a special initiative under the programme, first started back in 2018 to facilitate networking among the members of the ever-expanding ADAMED SmartUP community. This year’s meeting was exceptionally important. The two previous editions of the programme were held online so the participants did not have a chance to meet face to face.

Nine years after the ADAMED SmartUP programme was first launched, the community will now boast 400 graduates. It is highly inspiring to be able to hear about their ambitions, ideas for the future and to see how many different passions they have. We are happy to share precious knowledge and experience with them. They have no shortage of motivation for personal growth. However, meetings such as the Reunion clearly confirm the important role the Foundation plays in supporting the young generation. The choices they make as they pursue their personal development, as well as the best universities in Poland and abroad that welcome them as their students are both our reward and best proof of the added value of the SmartUp community,” says Martyna Strupczewska, ADAMED SmartUP Programme Manager.

“I took part in the 7th edition of the programme, which was held entirely online. During the remote science camp I met wonderful people and started new friendships. Online meetings have a lot of advantages, but also some major downsides. I am very happy that today we can finally meet face to face and spend two entire days together,” says Agnieszka Puzio, an ADAMED SmartUP programme graduate.

A part of the event was dedicated to networking activities, such as workshops facilitated by Jakub Bochiński, PhD, during which participants looked for solutions to social problems using the lean canvas methodology. During the 90-minute long session, our graduates came up with ways to make it easier for young people to find temporary employment, to guarantee parking spaces for employees of large companies or to make teeth brushing unnecessary.

What are the odds of a particular person becoming extremely interested in a specific field of science? Small. And what are the odds of having two such people in one community, such as a school? Even smaller. ADAMED SmartUP meetings are a chance for young people to meet their peers who think alike. They have similar interests and put their whole hearts, minds and souls into pursuing them,” says Konrad Łęgowski, graduate of the 5th edition of the programme.

The Reunion also offered some time for scientific presentations. Selected graduates presented their current scientific projects and accomplishments. In their presentations, they talked about the development of artificial intelligence, the threats of investing in cryptocurrencies and ways to treat Parkinson’s disease.

Other activities planned for this year’s edition include:

  • A two-week long science camp in July for 50 most talented young people in Poland recruited in a multi-stage selection procedure. During the camp, the participants will expand their knowledge in exact and natural sciences, taking advantage of practical classes and talks by lecturers of the best universities in Poland and abroad.
  • The Grand Finale Gala will be held in September. The jury will then announce their selection of 3 scholarship holders of the 7th edition and 10 laureates of the 8th edition.

For more information about the programme, visit: https://adamedsmartup.pl