Adamed Expert. A new portal for physicians and pharmacists

12 July 2022

The platform features expert articles, podcasts, videos and webinars. Work is also underway to further develop the platform to include a version intended directly for patients.

Medicine is a field of science which develops and evolves exceptionally quickly and hence specialists must continuously update their knowledge. Adamed Pharma is answering key challenges in modern medicine and searching for innovative therapies. It enhances existing products and makes them widely available. Research and development are the pillars of the company’s activities. Knowledge is the common denominator of everything we do. The Adamed Expert portal ( was created to disseminate top standards in medicine and high-quality expertise among medical professionals and also patients. It was designed as a comprehensive source of information available on a single platform, anytime and anywhere, with diverse forms of presentation.

The state-of-the-art platform is updated on an ongoing basis to cover the latest expertise as a way to help and support doctors and pharmacists. It is also in line with the current trends as regards the way knowledge is presented: the available resources range from expert articles, through podcasts and videos to webinars. The materials have been developed by top researchers in their fields. Signing up with Adamed Expert offers a range of advantages: objective and substantive evidence-based content, valid guidelines by Polish and foreign scientific societies, practical tips concerning therapies and treatment algorithms, resources by outstanding experts and practitioners of medicine. The content is free of distracting ads.

We are very well aware of the importance of up-to-date validated knowledge and lifelong learning. Hence, we enlisted the help of outstanding experts representing various medical fields to co-develop the platform. This resulted in attractive and clear content useful in everyday professional practice, helping HCPs to take better care of patients’ health. We hope that this easily available source of the latest medical knowledge will be helpful to both specialists and patients, as well as caregivers,” says Grzegorz Firczyk, Digital Marketing & eCommerce Director.

The page for medical doctors features information relevant for various medical disciplines. The available resources include guidelines and treatment algorithms, clinical case descriptions, conference summaries and study reviews. A special algorithm matches the content not only to particular medical specialties, but also to users’ personal preferences. In the section of the website dedicated to pharmacists, registered users can use content and take part in training courses relevant for their professional practice, pharmaceutical care and legal issues. In this case, the algorithm will also help to align the content with individual user preferences.

Adamed Pharma has developed the platform for doctors and pharmacists and is now working on a section which will offer reliable medical information to patients. The amount of information available around us and the spread of fake news makes it difficult to find reliable and validated sources of knowledge. Therefore, Adamed is trying to provide access to reliable and up-to-date medical information to those Internet users who want to take better care of their own health and that of their loved ones.