Prizes and awards

Adamed recognised at emerging Europe

11 July 2019

The Emerging Europe Awards are presented every year by the London-based think-tank Emerging Europe. They are awarded to enterprises contributing to further growth of Central and Southeast Europe, which is the region with the greatest social and economic potential. 

Adamed was recognised in the category of Global Market Champion of the Year 2019 for its productive activity and impact on the domestic and international economy. The other companies recognised in the same category were lighting and engineering corporations from Poland and Romania. The ceremony also included presentation of awards in two other categories: “Research and Development Initiative of The Year” and “FDI Project of the Year” (international investments). 

Adamed’s international expansion

The company’s consistent development strategy based on two foundations – innovation and international expansion – has turned Adamed into a well-known international brand. The company’s products, which are available in dozens of countries on six continents, are associated with top quality and innovation. The company holds over 190 patents. Adamed currently has nine branches abroad – in Spain, Russia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the newest one in Italy. 

This year, Adamed Pharma also acquired a package of shares in the Italian Ecupharma, with which it established a strategic partnership. Ecupharma is a dynamically developing company, active in the fields of neuropsychiatry and urology. The strategic partnership with Ecupharma will help Adamed grow on the Italian market in scope of cardiology as well as other therapy areas in the future. For more information about investments in Italy, please click here.

CSR/Corporate social responsibility
10 July 2019